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A Special Offer

A Special Offering From The Suisse Shop

From The Suisse Shop comes the best tasting, highest quality wedding cake that is always made from scratch. The finest ingredients and the highest Columbus since 1983!

Selected the Best of Weddings by The Knot for 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2011, 2009/2008, and 2007: "Best Cake Bakery in Columbus"!
Our experienced and talented staff can replicate a design or custom create the cake of your dreams. We have been the source of joy and happiness at over 3000+ Central Ohio marriages. We are proud of our heritage but also committed to innovation creating fresh new designs each year. Our experience and fastidious approach to decoration guarantees your satisfaction!

A Special Offering From The Suisse Shop
With your wedding of at least 100 guests you will receive your first year anniversary cake baked fresh at no charge (pick up only) from The Suisse Shop. A freshly baked Cute Cake of your choice of flavors and fillings that you chose for your wedding cake will be prepared for you. You no longer need to waste space in your freezer and attempt to swallow a stale freezer burnt cake in celebration of your first year together. 

Schedule a unique wedding cake tasting and experience a thorough explanation of The Suisse Shop Wedding Program with the bakery. You will be fully informed and very impressed with the total attention to detail and internal controls and processes, which guide the production of your wedding cake. Our brides develop complete confidence in The Suisse Shop's capabilities to design, create and deliver this very important component of the wedding event.

The Suisse Shop also offers a selection of European tortes, mini pastries, bride & groom dipped strawberries, custom cookie designs and other guest favors, boxed or wrapped.

Select a cake that is not only beautiful but also delicious. Your guests will actually eat and enjoy your cake from The Suisse Shop and the compliments will be plentiful!

You can really taste the difference! Call to set your cake tasting experience.