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Seasonal Items

Seasonal Items

The Best in Columbus by the 2008 Columbus Monthly taste test

Thanksgiving Menu Thanksgiving Menu

Fall Menu Fall Menu

Fall favorites include the Autumn Spice--a multi-layered torte with pumpkin cake on the bottom, pumpkin cheesecake middle, cinnamon-flavored mousse filling, and topped with fresh whipped cream; Pumpkin cakes and cupcakes with cream cheese icing; Yellow cake and cupcakes with Maple buttercream; Apple crumb bars; Apple Marzipan bars; Cranberry-Orange poundcakes; Pumpkin bars with Cinnamon buttercream; and German chocolate cakes/cupcakes. Our European cookie boxes and trays make an early debut in the fall and are perfect for gift giving. Specialty items the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas include Brioche bread loaves; Stollen (fruit-filled pastry) in a variety of fruit/cream cheese fillings; coffee cakes; pound cakes; pumpkin rolls; and pumpkin pies.

Winter Menu Winter Menu

We have our Winter Menu available! Winter favorites include the Chocolate Peppermint cake and bars, our Waldorf Red Velvet cake, the Bailey's Irish Cream cake, our Hazelnut Cream cake, and the Silk and Satin (chocolate cake, chocolate cheesecake, white chocolate mousse, and fresh whipped cream). We are bringing back our Chewy Chocolate cookies for this season! New cupcakes this quarter include the Bourbon Eggnog cupcake (white chocolate cake with Eggnog-flavored buttercream spiked with a little bourbon and garnished with nutmeg); Fantasy Fudge cupcake (chocolate cake with Dark Chocolate truffle, and walnut topping); and a Sugar Cookie cupcake (vanilla cake, topped with our sugar cookie icing, garnished with a small sugar cookie). Eggnog Poundcakes are also a seasonal favorite.

Spring Menu Spring Menu

We have our Spring Menu available! Spring favorites include our Pineapple Mango Torte and Raspberry Chambord; the strawberry Italian Cassatta; fresh fruit tarts; coconut cream cakes. Other popular items include the Tiramisu and the Silk and Satin (chocolate cake, chocolate cheesecake, white chocolate mousse, and fresh whipped cream). We are bringing back our blackberry buttercream, Bailey's Irish buttercream, and salted caramel buttercream--all available both on cakes & cupcakes. A new cupcake this season includes the Cookies & Cream cupcake--be sure to try it out!

Christmas Menu (December only) Christmas Menu

Our special Christmas Menu includes our Euro Cookie Boxes (sold in 1 pound tins and 3 pound trays), Yule Logs (also known as bûche de Noël), Bourbon soaked fruit cake, Lebkuchen (a traditional German cookie recipe similar to Gingerbread); Springerle (anise-flavored cookies). We will return with our typical holiday items which include the Stollen (pastry which cradles almond, fruit, and/or cream cheese filling); a variety of coffee cakes for your holiday breakfasts; Brioche bread loaves; as well as Pumpkin pie and Bourbon Pecan pie. You can also pick up packs of candies to give as gifts--chocolate fudge, peanut butter fudge, and our Ohio favorite--Buckeyes!

Please call us at 614-846-5102 to reserve your order.