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Ordering Policy

Ordering Policy

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Dear valued and loyal customers - A few weekends in a year we are overwhelmed by orders for Friday/Saturday. We work over-time/overnight in some cases to fulfill the demand, but unfortunately, we have to turn down orders in some cases. Sometimes this affects our long standing customers as well. We will do our best to accomodate orders if 7-day notice is provided. If you start the ordering process 7 days (starts as an email inquiry etc) before the pickup/delivery, but not confirm/finalize the order ahead of time (7 days), we MAY refuse the order if we run out of capacity for that weekend.

  • 7 business days notice is best to help us fulfill your order. (This is especially pertinent for custom specialty cakes or cupcakes or large quantity orders of any type!)

  • With this being said, we understand how busy our lives can get and are willing to work with you on last minute requests, we will take your order based on availability.

Ordering Policy

  • Mandatory 7 business day notice on all custom orders and orders above 50 servings.
  • To book your custom order at least a 50% deposit needs to be placed.
  • Our bakery is a from scratch bakery and we need proper notice in order to provide quality products.
  • On some occasions we will have to close off prior to the 7 business days.
  • It is best to get the order process started as soon as possible even if you are not positive on what you are wanting.

Thanks to you, our business is growing! We greatly appreciate your respect, trust and confidence in The Suisse Shop. Our goal is to always exceed your expectations and deliver that special experience of serving a Suisse Shop product.

Please contact us at 614-846-5102 or at

Thank you very much for your continued patronage and support of our bakery!